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how to buy dresses for women 2018

June 7, 2018

I think a customer loyalty thing would be great. We bought from the 2nd item y’all offered and can’t cart anything now. It’s SO hard. Please don’t decrease how many can cart 2. I buy for 2 girls a lot and that will make many of us not have a chance to dress siblings alike. I love dress of the month idea. I also don’t like auctions where only the wealthy can truly afford. I appreciate all you do and hope production will increase. If you do a dress of the month please consider 3 m,6m subscriptions as many of us could never afford a subscription that would be $500-600 to start.

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Yes, What Amie Richardson Falls said. I’d love to have a 3 or 6 month subscription for the same reason. I mentioned something along those lines in this thread, but Amie said it well!

I didn’t read through all
The comments, so someone may have already suggested this. This may or may not be a good idea, but what about increasing the price of your clothing? Those who really want will be willing to pay the extra. Instead of $50 – maybe $75 or $100? I’d be willing to pay the extra. It’s better than paying triple or quadruple for a dress that has been flipped. By the way, I like the idea of limiting to one, however, that makes it hard for mamas who have twins or want sister sets. Thank you for the great communication and beautiful clothes! ❤️

I love everything you make and not once have I had the chance to purchase because it’s so nuts. Perhaps a “buyer’s club” whereby you pay a fee and you get a guaranteed number of dresses a year pre sale. So, say you are a member, you get 4 dresses a year pre sale. so you get them. Of course, that means the buyer has to really decide on what they want, but at least this way more people get a chance to get the clothes.

I really love the idea of a buyers’ club! I would gladly pay $350-400 for 4 dresses a year and think that might help with the carting nightmares. Like everyone else, I LOVE your company and just wish I could be a bit more successful in carting!

People get upset bc of the psn Not wdw fault but that is what makes ppl upset when we would like just 1 to love forever and you ladies buy for a buck. Solution ban the BST page or require admins to remove post. Get rid of the black market for the dresses they will still sellout. We love them if some of us mommas could get just 1 to give our dd before they ate to big to wear. I want her to pass it down to her dd and so on not sell it for a profit. It makes me sad for WDW and for other mommas that they get treated like nothing – bought and sold. I love WDW maybe i will own one in the next year before she is to large but I won’t pay more than RV that isn’t what this is about to me. Thank you

my only suggestion would be that if your going to have a cart limit, which although I don’t ‘ like it I understand why you do it, can you make more than 1 thing available. I have 3 girls, many people have more than 1 and even more than 2 girls. You yourself do. I like my girls to coordinate or match. So if I can’t get 3 of the same dress, maybe I can get 1 of each. or 2 of one and 1 of another. If I don’t cart something it doesn’t make me mad, it’ doesn’t ruin my day I won’t pay absolutely ridiculous prices for items so I move on. It’s irritating to see that but whatever it is what it is. I don’t like the cart limit Idea mostly because I feel like it excludes a lot of people, although I do understand the purpose behind it. It’s true you can’t please everyone and that is the nature of any business no matter what you do but doing your best to please people is what keeps people coming back not just the clothes. I think customer service is as big as what your buying.

How about limiting purchase to certain number of items per HOUSEHOLD monthly. That may help from people buying every load. Perhaps it would give other HOUSEHOLDS a chance to own items bought from loads.

I think that you guys are doing a phenomenal job, and despite the fact that I’m one of the people who never cart, I appreciate that these are limited. It keeps them unique and the quality high. I have not read through ALL of the comments, so I’m sure this has been mentioned, but I’d love a mix-up on load days/times. Not making them unannounced, but just changing it up every few weeks, every other week, etc. Or at least changing the time of day. That might even up the odds a little bit. I like the idea of every now and then, doing a 1 item limit. Maybe on the super limited items. But at the same time, a 1 item limit will most likely drive the after market price sky high and reduce the possibility to own even further. But who knows…it’s worth a tryout. I love, love, love the dress of the month idea so very much…as I long as I “cart” the membership 🙂 I hope that you continue to enjoy your work, take in the positive, and brush off the negative.

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