Women's Clothing

Why fashion is going gender neutral

June 7, 2018


Fashion shouldn’t be used as a weapon against other people, sounds like an odd remark to say but its true, people do sometimes wear designer clothes as a way to say I am better and more sophisticated than you….wear what you want andwear it well, but don’t use it to compete with other people.
Also genitalia does not equal sex, it’s more complicated then that, and no I’m not conflating sex and gender.

Whether it’s dapper suits tailored for women’s bodies, or decorative skirts styled for men, there are more options than ever for those that don’t stick to one side of a gender binary.

women dresses

Clothing should be whatever someone wants to wear, as long as it covers important parts, and your UNDERwear.
yes and no… i say that because I find unisex clothes don’t fit me well, but I really wish there were more neutral kids options
Who thought of this and why? I don’t care what people wear! CBC go find a real story.
It would be nice if gender neutral was an option, particularly with kids clothes
Wear what you want and stop letting social stigmas and norms dictate how you live. You are free to do as you like, no matter what other people say or feel. Just don’t hurt anybody in the process.
I’m looking fondly back on the 90s, when I was a teenager, and we all wore tees or tanks, with baggy jeans and an unbuttoned flannel shirt.
Ahhh, the uniform of grunge…

I suppose the girls sometimes wore tight or cropped tops, and the boys almost always wore baggy ones, but otherwise there was a lot of crossover.
I want to see him in female clothing – how about a nice lacy blouse? Why whenever we talk about gender neutral clothing does the clothing look like men’s clothing?

The purpose of the fashion industry is to sell clothing, which means constant change. The last thing they want is for people to decide gender neutral, or any other particular style, is permanent.
Yes, if people like it. We should wear whatever feels right. And to the “who cares” comment, lots of people care. It can be an outward expression of your inner self. (Not always, we all have our off days.)
Good old Marxism, always trying to turn all into one. Let’s Make everyone the same height, same iq and gender so that everything is “fair” and we have no individuality whatsoever.. CBC, you are so full of trash and propaganda
Sure… and everyone should be made androgynous so there would be no more gender issues. [right?] Stop being slaves to fashion. Wear what’s right for you.. (although it does look better on her than on him)